The New Hope for PC Patients – Celexa for Prostate Cancer

Be informed: Celexa, or its generic name Citalopram is a drug used to treat depression, being a mood elevator, a class of antidepressant called SSRI. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, or SSRI, works by increasing the quantity of a certain natural substance located in the brain.

Take note: Celexa is an anti-depression drug. If used outside that prescription, it is important to ask first medical judgment. Even then, it is still considered wise to get medical attention always.

The news is Celexa for prostate cancer. This antidepressant was found to treat hot flashes effectively in men undergoing hormonal therapy for prostate cancer. The October issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings (reference date October 11, 2004) had researchers report that:

The antidepressant (Celexa) is an effective medication that reduces the hot flashes of men who are undergoing hormone therapy for prostate cancer

The Paxil, or Paroxetine compound found in Celexa seems to be responsible for diminishing these hot flushes, the researchers have reported. During the duration of the 5 weeks of study, the 18 men who completed the therapy under close monitoring had illustrated hot flashes reduction from 6.2 to 2.5 per day. These hot flash scores, and the frequency multiplied by the severity, reduced in the same period from 10.6 to 3 per day.

So what does this mean? It means that the new label antidepressant drugs, like Celexa could be the next answer for prostate cancer problems. Treating Celexa for prostate cancer could be a viable option.

An older and more common treatment for hot flushes in prostate cancer patients was Megace, generic name Megestrol Acetate. It is a female hormone progesterone derivative, a progestogen. When prostate cancer patients are treated with hormonal theraphy, Megace is employed and most of the times used in junction with Lupron or Zoladex which produces surprisingly effective results of 90% reduction of hot flushes. But there had been isolated reports that the cancer had progressed while having Megace treatment, and it was found out that Megace could have opposite progression of the disease on some patients.

Try suggesting the Celexa for prostate problems to your physician. Celexa for prostate could be your only hope in defeating cancer. But never self-administer drugs such as Celexa (or any of those mentioned) for any reason, always seek professional help. There are dozens of things you need to know and must check before you begin using Celexa for prostate cancer treatment.

Green Tea a Natural Remedy for Patients Suffering From Prostate Cancer

When you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, it is not only you affected by this condition, but also the beloved ones around you. Many patients are supported by their families when any type of cancerous condition appears within the core of their family life. With so many cures that medical world has advanced lately thanks to their researches, everybody hope that some day a cure will be found also for this condition.

Until then, patients and their families alike try to find ways to prevent this condition from advancing. This article is meant to bring into your attention some of the headlines appeared in various publications about the connection found between prostate cancer and green tea.

While not all these articles are supported by actual scientific researches many people tend to cling to them with that desperate hope of a person who has nothing to lose. But we will further focus on the points that this topic has become the subject of debate in many publications.

* First of all, those who are too deeply sunk into the conventional ways of treating cancerous conditions have never proclaimed green tea as a successful cure for this condition. But on the other hand, there wasn’t any debate on the prevention that this herb can bring when it comes to its quality in preventing this condition from manifesting.

* Secondly, no one can question the existence of antioxidants presented in all sorts of herbs, veggies and fruits. These antioxidants whoa re known to increase immune system and fighting the free radicals that are responsible with many diseases developing at the level of our body system. Green tea therefore has been found to be the richest plant in Catechins (the antioxidants presented with this plant). As a result, green tea will reduce the potential of different carcinogens of provoking that toxicity that generates prostate cancer condition and as such other cancerous conditions.

* Another fact that can not be defeated, is that green tea will inhibit the formation of cancerous growths (tumors) precisely because of the presence of these antioxidants in such a large number.

Other than all these, we see ourselves forced to let you judge all these while drinking green tea in the meanwhile. Is it miracle or not? Only time can tell its effects, but one thing is for sure: it won’t hurt to have a cup of this tea in every day of your existence.